Industrial & Institutional Security

Industries and Institutes are the segment where huge investments are involved, be it machinery, raw materials, assembly floor or man power. Security, safety of assets and employees as well as time management of staff with proper shifts, overtime and timely salary are always vital for any industrial or institutional sectors. Thus a technological security system is always in demand which can provide multi-functions like high quality video surveillance, access control, time-attendance, at the same time it is scalable and able to work in extreme weather conditions & dusty areas.

Industrial CCTV Systems

Security is a major concern across the globe. Moreover, the alarming rate of increase of crime and illegal activities has made organizations conscious about the safety and security of its employees, possessions and assets. Enterprises are banking on video surveillance to determine any occurrence of prohibited activities. In addition to this, business houses and enterprises rely on video surveillance to monitor over their workplaces and assets so that each task is carried out properly and efficiently and the assets are safe and secure. Thus, in recent times, CCTV surveillance has become a mandatory factor for any enterprises which helps them to achieve productivity and efficiency enhancement in addition to fulfilling security needs.

Attendance Monitoring Systems

Manual attendance marking and calculation leads to consumption of time and cost of the organizations. Human errors, buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping are additional hidden expenses which directly affects the productivity of any organizations. Variation in attendance policies from one company to another makes it challenging to capture time-attendance data and automate them. Therefore, a fully automated time management system is essential for enhancing productivity of any organization.